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Navratri is one of the most famous Hindu festivals, which is dedicated to goddess Durga. The word Navratri has been derived from Sanskrit and it stands for nine nights. During this nine nights and ten days of occasional festive, nine different forms of Hindu deity, Durga is worshiped. The tenth day of the festival is commonly called as Vijayadashami or Dussehra. So, in this ongoing year, the glorious festival of Navratri will be celebrated from 1st of October, 2016 to 10th of October, 2016. Every year, it is celebrated with much pomp and show across the several regions of India.

Wish You Happy Navratri 2016

Happy Navratri Wishes – Navratri is an extremely prominent festival of India. The celebration of the festive coincides with the commencing of spring and autumn season. It is celebrated with immense devotion and zeal for a period of nine days all over the country. The 10th day of the festival is most famously known as Vijayadashami, as on this day effigy of the demon king Ravan is burnt, to signify the victory of good over evil. One simple yet sweet way to delight your loved ones during the season of this festival, by sending heartwarming wishes. Here, you will get a huge collection of Navratri wishes.

N = Nav ChetnaA = Akhand JyotiV = Vighna NashakR = RatjageshwariA = Anand DayiT = Trikal DarshiR = Rakhan KartiA = Anand Mayi MaaMay Nav Durga bless you always.Wish you and your family a very Happy Navratri!
Troubles as light as Air,love as deep as Ocean,Friends as Solid as Diamonds,and Success as bright as Gold…These are the wishes for you and your family on the day of DUSSEHRA
Long live the tradition of Hindu culture and as the generations have passed by Hindu culture is getting stronger and stronger let’s keep it up. Best Wishes for Navratri!!
Happy Navratri Wishes

Happy Navratri Wishes - http://onlinebap.blogspot.com/
Happy Navratri Wishes - onlinebap.blogspot.com

Happy Navratri Wishes

May your life be filled with happiness on this pious festival of Navratri, Happy Navratri!
May Maa Durga empower u & ur family with her Nine Swaroopa of Name, Fame, Health, Wealth, Happiness, Humanity, Education, Bhakti, and Shakti. HAPPY NAVRATRAS!
Happy NAVRATRA. May GOD DURGA bless you and your family, may her blessings be always with you. JAI MATA DI!

Navratri Wishes

Navratri Wishes - http://onlinebap.blogspot.com/
Navratri Wishes - onlinebap.blogspot.com

Happy Navratri Whatsapp Status

Happy Navratri Whatsapp Status – Navratri is one of the most precious Hindu festival, which celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor around the country. As only one day is remaining for this blissful occasion, so if you are searching for best status for your Whatsapp account, then here you will find a variety of Happy Navratri WhatsApp status. So, have a look at our awesome collection.
May this Navratri bring happiness in your life Hatred be far apart from your life. Enjoy the festival with love on your heart
Dance on garba floor and celebrate the enchanting festival with your friends and families.
MAA Ki Jyoti Se Noor Milta He, Sab Ke Dilo Ko Suroor Milta He, Jo Bhi Jata He MAA Ke Dhwaar, Kuch Na Kuch Jaroor Milta He. SHUBH NAVRATRI!
Happy Navratri Whatsapp Status

Happy Navratri Whatsapp Status - http://onlinebap.blogspot.com/
Happy Navratri Whatsapp Status - onlinebap.blogspot.com
Lakshmi donates the internal or divine wealth of virtues or divine qualities. Happy Navratri
Ma Durga removes all obstacles and defects. Happy Navratri
Maa Durga Means She who is incomprehensible to reach. Happy Navratri

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Navratri Whatsapp Status - http://onlinebap.blogspot.com/
Navratri Whatsapp Status - onlinebap.blogspot.com
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Happy Navratri Quotes 

The festival of Navratri is celebrated usually in the month of October or November. Every year, it is celebrated with religious fervor throughout the nation. Hindu community people observe fasts for a nine days period, worship deity and indulge in several activities in praise of goddess Durga. People extend their heartfelt greetings and good wishes to mark their enthusiasm for the occasion. Here we have shared a wide range of Navratri quotes. You can send this beautiful wording to your loved ones on this special eve.
Navratri means 9 nights of devotion. Spirituality. Celebrations. Music. Dance. Garba. Stuti. Hope the divine blessings of Maa always be with you. Happy Navratri!!
Everyday Sun Rise To Give Us A Message That DarknessWill Always Be Beaten By Light.Let Us Follow The SameNatural Rule And Enjoy TheFestival Of Good Defeats Evil.Memories of moments celebrated together
Fasting is mean to:Clear your palate;Cleanse your soul;And detoxify the body. May Goddess Durga give you strength to practice abstinence through practice!Happy Navratras!

Happy Navratri Quotes in Hindi

Happy Navratri Quotes - http://onlinebap.blogspot.com/
Happy Navratri Quotes - onlinebap.blogspot.com
Nava Durga Has Come To Our PresenceTo Grace Us With Her Supremacy,Let Us Worship Her With Happiness And SpiritCherish Her Blessings And Celebrate With Our Loved OnesWish You All A Happy Navratri!!
Let’s worship goddesses Durga and prayers to be done Happy Navratri one and all.
Celebrate each day of Navratri with ever-growing zeal and indulge yourself in pious activities and Gods shall favor you in the coming year.

Happy Navratri Quotes in English

Navratri Quotes - http://onlinebap.blogspot.com/
Navratri Quotes - onlinebap.blogspot.com

Happy Navratri SMS Messages in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati

Happy Navratri SMS & Messages – Goddess Durga symbolizes power, divinity, and purity. During the festival season, people worship their loved deity with immense devotion and offer several prayers to the goddess. Celebrate this Navratri by Wishing your friends & colleagues Happy Navratri SMS & Messages.
In aaakhon se sada Maa ko dekhu,
In kano se Maa ko sunu,
Ye haath Maa ke charno ki dhul ko sada chue,
Ye paaon sada Maa ke darbar ko hi jaye,
Sada maa ka beta bana rahu.
Maa har saal Navratra pe milne aaye
Happy Navratri
सारा जहां है जिसकी शरण में, नमन है उस माँ के चरण में, हम है उस माँ के चरणों की धूल, आओ मिलकर माँ को चढ़ाएं श्रद्धा के फूल। शुभ नवरात्रि.

Happy Navratri SMS - http://onlinebap.blogspot.com/
Happy Navratri SMS - onlinebap.blogspot.com
माँ की ज्योति से प्रेम मिलता है;
सबके दिलों को मर्म मिलता है;
जो भी जाता है, माँ के द्वार;
उसे सुकून जरूर मिलता है!
शुभ नवरात्रि
Duao me shamil ho is tarah,
fulo me hoti hai khushbu jis tarah,
MATA aapki zindagi me khushiya de is tarah..
dharti par hoti hai Barish jis tarah.

Happy Navratri Messages - http://onlinebap.blogspot.com/
Happy Navratri Messages - onlinebap.blogspot.com
May your life be filled with happiness on this pious festival of Navratri, Happy Navratri!
Lakshmi ka Hath ho,
Saraswati ka Sath ho,
Ganesh ka niwas ho,
aur maa durga ke
aashirwad se
Aapke jeevan mai prakash hi prakash ho….

Happy Navratri Images

Happy Navratri Images – As 2016’s Navratri is on the way, so, if you are looking for latest Navratri images, then you are at the right place, as here we have assembled a splendid collection of most amazing and lovely Navratri images, which you can download for free. Using these wonderful gatherings you can delight your dear ones on this peaceful occasion and you can also share these fabulous images on your social networking Medias and meanwhile wish your loved ones all the success and prosperity.

Happy Navratri Images - http://onlinebap.blogspot.com/
Happy Navratri Images - onlinebap.blogspot.com

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Navratri Images - http://onlinebap.blogspot.com/
Navratri Images - onlinebap.blogspot.com

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Navratri Images - http://onlinebap.blogspot.com/
Navratri Images - onlinebap.blogspot.com

Happy Navratri Pictures for Facebook Cover & Whatsapp DP

Happy Navratri Facebook Cover Pictures – The occasion mainly symbolizes the victory of positivity over negativity. During the nine days of festivity, the divine incarnation invoked as Hindu religious people worship goddess in the form of universal mother. Here we are sharing Happy Navratri Pictures for Facebook & Whatsapp.

Happy Navratri Pics Pictures - http://onlinebap.blogspot.com/
Happy Navratri Pics Pictures - onlinebap.blogspot.com

Happy Navratri Facebook Cover Pictures

Happy Navratri Pics - http://onlinebap.blogspot.com/
Happy Navratri Pics - onlinebap.blogspot.com

Navratri Pictures

Happy Navratri Pictures - http://onlinebap.blogspot.com/
Happy Navratri Pictures - onlinebap.blogspot.com

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