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iMacros script -

What is iMacros ?

In a nutshell, it is the world's first browser-based macro recorder. It allows you to easily record web surfing and replay it.
The web browser is probably the most frequently used software today, but many tasks are repetitious: checking on the same sites everyday, remembering passwords, submitting to search engines or testing web sites over and over again. With iMacros, you record these tasks once and then let iMacros execute them whenever you need them.
Any combination of browsing, form filling, clicking and information gathering can be recorded into a macro and iMacros even assists you during the recording with visual feedback.

Do you need to extract price lists, stock information or any other data from websites?

iMacros can do this for you. It submits data from a file to a website and stores the result from the website in a text file. No programming skills required!

Do you need to test web sites automatically?

Have you ever spent hours browsing your website to re-test it after a change? Our advanced Standard and Enterprise Editions can automate almost any kind of web regression and verification testing for you!

How does iMacros Enterprise Edition compare to big name capture/replay web test software on the market?

iMacros Enterprise Edition successfully competes with website testing software priced more than US$ 30,000 for only a fraction of the cost! In addition, the Enterprise Edition allows you to interface iMacros with the well-documented Windows Scripting Host (included in Windows), Visual Basic or any other programming language that runs under Windows. This is a crucial feature for fully automating any given task and is often missing in much more expensive software.

iMacros script -

Good reasons to use iOpus iMacros

  • Save time

iOpus iMacros helps you perform your web chores quicker. Downloading, data entry and web site testing - iMacros can do all that for you!

  • Save money

Why pay more for less? iMacros is THE low cost web testing solution and it even outsmarts its US competitors in many features. Some of the competition charges as much as $30,000 and still has less capabilities than iMacros!

  • Easy

You will create your first Internet Macro in less than a minute! No other web automation software is that easy to use.

  • Flexible

Automate even the most complicated tasks with the Scripting Interface. Connect iMacros to your favorite programming language. Windows Scripting Host and Visual Basic example programs are included.

  • Document Web page changes

iMacros can save web pages or even print them out directly.

  • Be creative

Repetition is unavoidable, but you avoid almost all of it. Let iOpus iMacros take over the routine jobs, and save your precious time for the creative part.

iMacros script -

  • You don't have time to create iMacros yourself?

You need more complicated internet functions automated? We create customized solutions for you based on our award-winning innovative software. Please ask or a free quote!

  • System Requirements

Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP or Server 2003 with 486 or higher processor (Pentium recommended) 8MB of free hard drive space for installation Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.

iMacros script -

  • Firs steps

    Starting iMacros

    iMacros is distributed as a browser add-on for Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Two of the commercial editions of iMacros (Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition) also include the standalone iMacros Browser, a derivative of IE with a command-line interface.
    This article primarily covers interaction with the iMacros Browser, however, the concepts and interface are fairly consistent among all the different versions of iMacros. Throughout this Wiki, iMacros commands and functionality are are associated with browser icons (iMacros Browser IE Plug-in Firefox Chrome) to designate their applicability to a particular browser.

    Internet Explorer Plug-in

    After installing the software, a new iMacros icon appears on the command bar of Internet Explorer (IE).
    iMacros script -
    iMacros in the IE Tools menu
    Click this icon to start iMacros.
    iMacros script -
    If you have already customized your IE command bar, you might need to manually add the icon or reposition it so it's visible. Please see this relevantFAQ for more on how to do this.
    You can also start iMacros for IE by selecting 'iMacros Web Automation' from the IE Tools menu.

    The iMacros Graphical User Interface

    We have invested a lot of effort in making the Graphical User Interface of the iMacros Browser and the Internet Explorer add-on as intuitive as possible. This section explains the basic elements.

    The Main Window

    The main window consists of three parts: the menu and toolbar at the top, the iMacros sidebar on the left, and the browser window on the right. Web pages are displayed in the browser window using a tabbed interface just like other browsers. You control iMacros with the elements in the sidebar on the left.
    iMacros script -

    The iMacros Sidebar

    The iMacros sidebar is divided into two parts. The top half displays a tree view of all your macros when iMacros is stopped, and the current macro code when you are playing or recording a macro. Only files with an .iim or .iimx (obfuscated macros) extension in the Macros folder are recognized by iMacros. The Macros folder is specified in the Path settings of the iMacros Options. The default macro folder is located in My Documents under iMacros\Macros.
    The lower half of the sidebar consists of three tabs: Play, Record, and Edit. As the names suggest, the Play tab contains controls for playing macros, the Record tab contains controls for recording macros, and the Edit tab contains controls for editing macros, changing options, and getting help.
    iMacros script -
    Tip: iMacros Browser You can auto-hide the sidebar by "un-pinning" it from the main window (just click on the thumb-pin icon to pin or unpin the sidebar), or you can move the sidebar outside the main window to a "floating" position, or dock it on the right, if you prefer. You can also hide the toolbar from the View menu. IE Plug-in The sidebar needs to be open in IE for iMacros to function.

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