Connect wifi without password

Hi freinds today im showing you a 0.20 minute (20 second ) trick to connect your mobile to wifi without any password check it out.
Connect wifi without password -
Connect wifi without password -

I'm very despointed when my big brother change wifi password and whenever im asking about wifi password than he always ask me
why ?
Why you want password ?
What you do on net ?
Lots of questions asking and at they end of he take one resone from my answer to avoid to give me password.....
So now im doing

1. Go to "mobile setting"
2. Than "WLAN ( WIFI )"
3. Than go in "Advance Setting"
4. Now go in "WPS PUSH BUTTON"
5. Than its gets start
6 and now press your "Router WPS Button"

suddenly your mobile and router net connected without any kind of action or password.
Now im very happy whenever my brother changes wifi password im not asking to he.
My mibile is always aany time is connected to wifi and now im fully enjoy my wifi 😂😂😂